5-in-1 100x-1200x Deluxe Microscope # EDU-23703

5-in-1 100x-1200x Deluxe Microscope # EDU-23703
Item# EDU23703
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Product Description


11” microscope with micro viewer

Microphoto projector and drawing device

Micro Hatchery®

Micro Slicer®

(2) Prepared slides

(10) Blank glass slides

(12) Cover glasses

(12) Statical slide covers

(12) Blank labels

(4) Collecting containers

Petri dish with Magnifier®

Spare bulb

(3) 10mL Graduated cylinders

(2) Collecting vials

Tweezers and needle

Spatula, scalpel, dropper, stirring rod

3x / 6x Magnifier

Scissors, condenser lens cap, and safety glasses

Instruction manual

* This model replaced our popular EDU-41008 or EDU41008 also known as MS112