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7 in 1 Rechargeable Solar Transformers # OWI-MSK640
7 in 1 Rechargeable Solar Transformers # OWI-MSK640
Item# OWIMSK640
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Product Description

7 in 1 Rechargeable Solar Transformers # OWI-MSK640
An innovative solar science kit that encourages children to exercise their sense of creativity and imagination. It features all snap together plastic parts (no screws, tools required), solar panel and accessories. It is incredibly easy to assemble the 7 different modules: 2 power charging stations and 5 different vehicles.

The transforming rechargeable station has 2 output plugs; one for solar recharging and the other for battery recharging. Amazingly, the battery charging station can bring the selected unit to full power in about 5 seconds and the solar recharging station will fully recharge in approximately 120 seconds. The fun time - run time is approximately 50-80 seconds.

Similar to OWI's other mini solar kits, if you have sun, you have power. Enjoy five different vehicles: Solar Car, Concept Car, Bulldozer, Dump Truck and Concept Racer

MSK640 Also Known as OWI-640 or OWI640