X *Clearance Special* B&K Capacitance Sorting Meter , Autoranging # 890B

X *Clearance Special* B&K Capacitance Sorting Meter , Autoranging # 890B
Item# BK890B
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Product Description

* This is being replaced by the 890C which sells for $149.00 that is why the 890B is at a SUPER PRICE!

The Model 890 B Capacitance Meter features a large 41/2 LCD with dual display, 11,000 counts resolution, and 9 automatically selected ranges with full scale value from 1.0pF to 50mF. Designed to meet the latest international safety standards, the meter’s dedicated chip and microprocessor allow programmable high/low limits or pre-programmed standard capacitor tolerances, making it ideal for measuring values, inspection, sorting capacitors and testing capacitors against standard tolerances. Optional software and cabling is available for PC based data logging and monitoring. Features:

* Dual display simultaneously displays value and deviation from selected tolerance

* Sort on preset tolerance of 1, 5, 10%

* Program unique values to sort for specific circuit applications

* USB PC interface for data logging software available

* 3 year warranty