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B&K Tool Kit DMM 0.5% w/ Transistor Test # 2704C
B&K Tool Kit DMM 0.5% w/ Transistor Test # 2704C
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Product Description

The 2704C has all of the functionality for basic DMM applications including some high end features you might not expect. The 2000 count LCD can display resistance values up to 2 Gohm, capacitance to 20 uF or a transistors common-emitter gain value up to 1000. Value-packed features make this meter a must in every "Tool Kit®".


* Magnetic hanger

* DC voltage to 1000 V

* AC voltage to 750 V

* Resistance to 2000 Mohm

* Capacitance to 20 uF

* Continuity test

* Diode test

* Logic test

* hFE Transistor test

* One-handed operation

* Measures up to 10 A (AC & DC)

* 2704 C (old # 2704B)

* One Year Warranty