*NEW* Engino Play to Invent Toys (Information and Awards)

*NEW* Engino Play to Invent Toys (Information and Awards)
The System Engineering is the art of rearranging the materials and forces of nature.

ENGINO brand name uses the same initials, honoring this fundamental and innate human characteristic which empowers us to perform astonishing technological feats. Our children are gifted with this power and through creative play they learn how to exploit it.

ENGINO TOY SYSTEM is perhaps the most advanced and versatile three dimensional construction toy in the market today, offering unique opportunities for creation for both children and adults alike. The toy comprises of a system of multi-faceted rods and connectors that share some unique geometrical features that allow connectivity up to 6 sides simultaneously!

In essence, this patent-pending design transforms rods into connectors, leading to builds that may be either dense or with large openings. This feature alone enables children to build fast and easy, simple or complex models, using a very low number of different components and a much lower quantity of parts.

Educational Series The Educational Series was designed to follow the Design and Technology curriculum and help children understand the engineering concepts of Simple and Complex machines. Kids will learn by playing how they can increase force and change the direction of motion, how they can lower and increase speed and how they can convert rotational motion to linear.


- Changing speed - Changing direction - Increasing force

- Transferring force - Reducing friction - Turning corners

- Raising objects - Big & small axle - Reducing friction

- Big & small wheels - Wedge - Moving a load

- Gear ratios, gear types - Amplifying motion


Even though ENGINO’s 1st version was only launched by late 2006, it has since been receiving numerous awards and it is being rapidly established as one of the most innovative and creative construction toys in the world. Some of our major awards and achievements include:

Awards by Dr. Toy (www.drtoy.com): - 10 best active toy 2006 (60 models). - 10 best educational toy 2007 (Simple and Complex Machines). - 10 best active toy (40 models: STRUCTURES). - 100 best children product 2006, 2007, and 2008. - Best vacation toy 2009 (80 models engineering set). - Best vacation toy 2009 (Wood Series Megaset).

Top 7 construction toys by www.about.com

Selected by the Nuremberg Toy Museum in Germany for the main display window.

Best Enterprise of Cyprus in European Union 2008.

Nominated as best new product of 2008 by InBusiness magazine.