Feedback from a customer about Snap Circuits:

I don't think that enough people take the time to say good things much anymore, but I want to do it to let you know that your Snap Circuits toys are great. I originally got the starter set for my son (a couple of years ago,when he was 9,) and followed it up with an expansion set the next year. My daughter (now 7,) loved his set so much I got her the Green set this year for Christmas. I never expected my daughter, (imagine frilliest & fanciest girl you've ever met,) to find such an interest in these toys. Although she is a little young to get the full understanding of them, they have offered us the opportunity to spend quality time with her doing something outside of dressing up, and playing "house." To spark her mind in a way that we hadn't guessed would happen has been a wonderful surprise, and I sincerely thank you for offering toys that make science so much fun. It's your product that has enabled her to find interests outside of typical "girl" toys. On top of that she has found interest in almost everything that protects the environment. THANK YOU!! For two such small words, the feeling behind them is more immense than the small words can possibly convey.

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