Holiday Alert - Please Read

Holiday Alert - Please Read
Hi Everyone (forwarded from one of our best customers):

At the meeting last night, it was reported that we have already had several thefts of mail and UPS/Fed EX packages from the steps/front porches of neighbors’ homes. It is that time of year – and with the holidays come increased package and holiday card deliveries. One package was stolen within 2-3 minutes of the UPS truck delivering it to the door – as the owner was inside the house watching tv and saw the package delivered.

UPS/Fed Ex have a holiday policy of NOT requiring signatures because of the volume of their deliveries and their inability to keep returning for a signature to the same address, etc. We know this as patrollers spoke with the delivery people last year.

WE ENCOURAGE YOU TO LEAVE NOTES FOR EXPECTED PACKAGES TO BE LEFT WITH A NEIGHBOR OR TO BE PLACED OVER A FENCE OR IN THE BACK YARD, ETC. IF YOU CANNOT BE HOME FOR THE DELIVERIES. We also ask for volunteers to help patrol the neighborhood during the daylight hours when possible – preferably keeping an eye on the delivery trucks/vans and ensuring that no thefts occur. We have 2 RSVP patrollers/cars that can patrol from time to time during the day if you are interested in riding along with an RSVP officer.

A reminder to keep items out of your vehicles during the holiday season as well – as items/packages/sacks encourage thieves to break into cars.

Be safe and enjoy the holiday season!