Chemistry 60 # EDU-7075 (ages 10+)

Chemistry 60 # EDU-7075 (ages 10+)
Chemistry 60 # EDU-7075 (ages 10+)
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This Chem 60 set includes 60 safe and fun activities, allowing your child to learn and play at the same time. There is no fear of working with dangerous chemicals or poisons. The topics covered in the kit deal with chemical reactions, acids and bases, chromatography, crystal growing, surface tension, solutions and colloids, expansion of gases, magnetism, optics, growing plants and more. Simple experiments are performed using the contents of the kit and common household items. Children often help out in the home, especially in the kitchen. This kit provides the opportunity for children to discover how scientific concepts are used at home daily. The activities with these simple scientific concepts enable your child to increase his scientific knowledge and to further arouse his innate curiosity. We are certain that learning about science in the home will be a fun and rewarding experience for the whole family.

7075 is for Ages 10 and up.