Elenco 6-in-1 Solar Kit # EDU-38006

Elenco 6-in-1 Solar Kit # EDU-38006
Item# EDU38006
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Product Description

Elenco 6-in-1 Solar Kit # EDU-38006
This do-it-yourself solar kit from C&S Sales enables children to assemble the parts and transform them into six (6) different types of motor driven apparatuses actuated by solar power! Projects include : Solar Windmill, Solar Airboat, Solar Helicopter, Solar Robot, Solar Airplane and Solar Wheeler. They stand up to 9" tall and work best in direct sunlight but may work under a very bright light bulb.

Parts included :

* 1 Mini Motor

* 1 Solar Panel

* 44 pieces of plastic snap-together components

* and of course an instruction manual