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X *No Longer Available* Snap Protoboard 6SC PB
X *No Longer Available* Snap Protoboard 6SC PB
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Product Description

The Snap Circuits protoboard (PB) component is a standard breadboard mounted on a Snap Circuits platform. It should only be used by advanced users who are creating their own circuits. By combining Snap Circuits with the flexibility of a breadboard, you can easily create complex circuits using your own components.

Breadboards are used for mounting electronic components and to make connecting them together easy. The breadboard on your part has 300 holes arranged in groups of five and connected together and to the snaps as shown.

To insert components into the breadboard, keep their leads straight and gently push into the holes. If the leads get bent and become difficult to insert, they can be straightened with a pliers.

Always make sure components do not touch each other. Never connect to external voltage sources. Never exceed the voltage ratings of any parts. ELENCO ELECTRONICS IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY PARTS DAMAGED BY INCORRECT CIRCUIT DESIGN OR WIRING. The protoboard is only intended for advanced users.


Use a regular breadboard with your Snap Circuits with our NEW SCJW10 (pictured below)


830 Tie Point Breadboard # 9830
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