Samurai Scorpion Aluminum Kit # OWI-352

Samurai Scorpion Aluminum Kit  # OWI-352
Item# OWI352
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Product Description

Samurai Scorpion Aluminum Kit  # OWI-352
Almost lifelike, OWIís 352 aluminum non-venomous invertebrate building kit features a Scorpion that you assemble from metal and bendable aluminum parts. The Samurai Scorpion is comprised of two major parts: head and body. The head consists of a pair of eyes, mouth, and claws used to capture prey. The body contains eight legs, tail and curved aculeus (stinger). Did you know that scorpions are nocturnal? They often feed at night by lying still and surprising their prey (dinner). On the other hand, they are dinner for tarantulas, bats, and birds (especially owls). Letís talk more specifics about Samurai Scorpion. The kit contains 30 hard and soft pre-punched aluminum parts, 7 screws, 7 nuts, 3 springs, and even assembly tools are included. Its claws, arms, legs, and tail are all moveable.


* Assembled Size : 6.5in x 3.5in x 3in

* Unit Weight : 135g