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Snap Micro™ I From Elenco # SCM-400

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Snap Micro™ I  From Elenco # SCM-400
Snap Micro™ I From Elenco # SCM-400
Item# SCM400
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Product Description

Snap Micro™ I  From Elenco # SCM-400
Snap-Micro™ I is an easy way to learn about micro-controllers and how they are used in the world around us. Our easy-to-follow instructions will guide you through the programming of basic commands by using flow charts to operate the micro-controller. After a brief intro, Snap-Micro™ I will have you programming over 25 projects such as data loggers, A/D converters, DC motors and much more using Snap Circuits® components. No prior understanding of micro-controllers required.

Snap-Micro™ I comes with all the components and software you need to get started. ALL that is REQUIRED is a computer with WINDOWS®-based system. The 86 page instruction manual is divided into 4 sections: 1 Getting Started (electronic components), 2 Flow Chart Programming and Snap Circuits® Basics, 3 Programming for Snap Circuits®, and 4 Audacity® * Sound Circuits. After the course is completed, you will have a better understanding of programming a micro-controller and how you can use them for real world applications.

* Audacity® is a registered trademark of Dominic M. Mazzoni, South Pasadena CA 91030

Learn About:

• Micro-controllers

• Flow charts

• Basic commands

• Electronic components

• Programming

• Data logging

• Sensors

• Analog to digital conversion

* Custom interface cable (included) plugs into the USB port on your computer

* The discs (pictured) are NO longer included since the software is downloadable

* Ages 12 and up