Solar Power Panel

X *Clearance Special* OWI Solar Panel # OWI-608
X *Clearance Special* OWI Solar Panel # OWI-608
Item# OWI608
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Product Description

X *Clearance Special* OWI Solar Panel # OWI-608
The 608 Solar Panel is comprised of a number of photo voltaic cells. Each cell is made from a slab of semiconductor crystal. When light shines on the cell voltage is produced that can create an electrical current in a circuit. The greater the light intensity on the solar panel the greater is the current it can produce. This Solar Panel is compatible with many solar experiments. Intended for use to familiarize students and/or hobbyists with functional solar cell principles, and practical applications of solar cells. Mounting bracket not included. Safe, simple-to-use encapsulated mini-panel. Sturdy panel will endure handling without the breakage and cell damage traditionally associated with solar cells. Create various experiments by exposing and positioning the panel to the energy source. This powerful solar panel features 3 cells in a sleek, low-profile protective housing with mounting holes. Positive and negative terminals are indicated to take the guesswork out of installation. Lead wires are included.

Dimensions: 4 5/16" x 2 3/8".

Current: 350mA (max).

Voltage: 1.4.

Compatible with models: OWI- 6567, OWI- 6577, OWI- 8606, OWI- 688, OWI- 685, OWI- 6573