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This process will be noisy and take a couple of days to polish the rocks.

Rock Tumbler # EDU-36793
Rock Tumbler # EDU-36793
Item# EDU36793
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Product Description

What brilliant treasure is hiding inside that small bit of agate? A stunning tiger's eye or a gleaming quartz gem? The Rock Tumbler uncovers the secrets of ordinary rocks---revealing amazing colors and patterns with a glass-like finish!

Tumbling is easy: just place a few rocks or minerals into the tumbler with some grinding powder (included). Unlike other tumblers, you select the length of time to tumble; the longer the time, the shinier the rock! The grinding powder duplicates the erosion process that takes thousands of years in nature! Soon you'll end up with a treasure trove of shiny, polished rocks.

36793 Rock Tumbler Includes:

* 4 Oz. Gemstone Rocks

* (1) Step 1 Coarse Grinding Powder

* (1) Step 2 Fine Grinding Powder

* (1) Step 3 Polishing Powder

* (1) Step 4 Final Polishing Powder

Jewellery Making Includes:

* (1) 18" Silver Tone Necklace Chain

* (2) Adjustable Rings

* (1) Key Chains

* (1) Pair Hanging Earring Wires

* (3) Setting Holders in 2 Styles

* (1) Jump Ring Connector

* Glue

* 6VDC 500ma + tip AC Adapter included

* Ages 10+

* Also Known as EL008 or 36793M


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