Elenco 40MHz 2 Channel Analog Oscilloscope # S-1340

Elenco 40MHz 2 Channel Analog Oscilloscope # S-1340
Item# S1340
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Product Description

The Elenco S 1340 Oscilloscope is a laboratory-grade instrument that is ideal for the wide range of measurements typically found in electronics, development, and scientific research laboratories. Some of its outstanding features are:

* Dual Trace

* 40 MHz Bandwidth (15 MHz at 1 millivolt/division)

* 9 ns vertical rise time

* 1 millivolt/division sensitivity

* High-brightness mesh CRT with internal graticule

* 10 k V post-accelerator voltage

* Inverting input switch on Channel B

* Algebraic add function

* Sync filtering for stable display of TV signals

* Independent channel A and channel B triggering for asynchronous input signals

* Front face dust cover included.

* 2 FREE probes (x1 & x10) included.