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Snap Circuits® Home Learning with 30 projects

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*NEW* Snap Circuits® Home Learning with 30 projects # SC-HL1
*NEW* Snap Circuits® Home Learning with 30 projects # SC-HL1
Item# SCHL1
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Product Description

- Snap Circuits Home Learning 1 is a tool for opening the exciting world of electronics. Following the Learn by Doing® concept, electronics will be easy to understand by building circuits as you learn about them. Electronics plays an important and increasing role in our everyday lives, and so some basic knowledge of it is good for everyone. The manual emphasizes the practical applications of electronics, without bogging down on mathematics. This set is as much about science as about electronics. Learning about it teaches how to do scientific investigation, and the activities develop basic skills needed in today's world.

- Includes 25 parts

- Downloadable manual with introduction, 30 activities, and quiz

SCHL1----> As a result of completion of activities 1 - 30 in this kit, students will:

* Understand basic information about electricity as a form of energy

* Control the flow of electricity through a number of circuits and device

* Identify the path of electricity through a circuit

* Identify the parts of a circuit

* Repair a non-functioning circuit

* Transform electrical energy into light, sound, and motion

* Identify series and parallel circuits

* Determine if materials are conductors of electricity or insulators

* Observe the effect of resistance on the brightness of a bulb or LED

* Study the motion of a motor

* Produce and study sound from a speaker

* Draw and label circuit diagrams

* Build a Morse Code sender (telegraph using light instead of sound)

* Send and receive messages in Morse code, and decode messages received

* Observe the effect of fluorescent light on a spinning disc

* Observe the effect of electricity on a temporary magnet (electromagnet)

* Use a transistor to switch devices on or off

* Make a circuit that detects the presence of water

* Have a better understanding of the scientific method of investigation