Digital/Analog Trainer

Elenco Digital/Analog Trainer # XK-150
Elenco Digital/Analog Trainer # XK-150
Item# XK150
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Product Description

A low cost, full-function digital/analog trainer that meets the needs of electronic training programs. Rugged construction, can be used as fixed lab equipment or be portable.

Power Supplies:

* Variable power supply.

* +1.25V to 15VDC @ 0.25A.

* -1.25V to -15VDC @ 0.25A.

* +5VDC @ 0.25A.

* +30VAC center-tapped to 15VAC @ 0.25A

Case: High impact molded case 2"(H) x 11"(D). With flow-thru cooling to ventilate the power supply.


* 1 breadboard, 830 tie points including two bus strips.

* Digital Section

* Eight Data Switches.

* Two no bounce logic switches.

* Eight LED readouts, buffered.

* Clock frequency 1Hz, 1kHz, 100kHz, 60Hz.

* Clock amplitude 5Vpp square wave.

Analog Section:

* Function Generator - Sine, Square Wave.

* Frequency adjustable in two ranges from 200 -40k.

* Amplitude Sine 4Vpp.

* Square 9Vpp.


* 2 undedicated potentiometers 1k ohms and 100k ohms.

Notice for California residents:

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -