Please look at the new improved version XK700TK

" T " versions INCLUDE the tools as shown - Multimeter Sold Separately.

" K " versions you build it and SAVE! (Requires SOLDERING Assembly)

*Clearance Special* Elenco Digital/Analog Trainer KIT (WITH Tools) # XK-550TK
*Clearance Special* Elenco Digital/Analog Trainer KIT (WITH Tools) # XK-550TK
Item# XK550TK
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Product Description

*Clearance Special* Elenco Digital/Analog Trainer KIT (WITH Tools) # XK-550TK
<-----This is what it would look like assembled and loaded with tools and the tool mount (Multimeter Sold Separately)

Variable Power Supply

Function Generator - Sine, Triangular, Square Wave

Frequency Adjustable in Five Ranges from 1 to 100kHz

2 Breadboards, Each Containing 830 Tie Points (Total 1660)

Eight Data Switches


* C-300 - Molded durable Plastic Case * ET-10 - IC Puller * JW-140 - Jumper Wire Kit * SP-4 - Desoldering Pump * ST-1 - Mini Diagonal Cutters * ST-2 - Mini Long Nose Pliers * ST-3 - Wire Stripper * ST-5 - Screwdriver Slotted 3/16" * ST-6 - Screwdriver #1 Phillips * Anti-Static Foam Pad * TM-30 Tool MOunting Kit * Meter sold SEPARATELY


Fast Track Construction

Most of the components are on one PC board, eliminating all wires between the PC board, pots, regulators and switches. Makes assembly easier and faster, eliminates errors.

Additional Configurations Available:

* Model XK-550 Trainer - Available fully assembled without tools.

* Model XK-550T Trainer - Available with tools as shown - (Get $25 worth of tools for only $20 more!) -meter sold separately.

* Model XK-550K Trainer - Available as kit without tools.

Please consider our XK700 series which is the same except it comes in our DELUXE case for only $30.00 more.