NEW "A" version has a LCD display instead of LED. Variable Voltage Supply 0-50VDC @ 3A

Elenco Variable Voltage DC Power Supply # XP-752A
Elenco Variable Voltage DC Power Supply # XP-752A
Item# XP752A
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Product Description

The Elenco XP752 variable voltage supplies all feature fail-safe automatic overload protection with output current externally adjustable. Special circuit protects equipment, user and itself. Current limiting adjustment is easy. Simply short output and adjust limit control to read desired maximum current. The output voltage is continuously variable and precisely held to your setting. Ideal for use in labs, service shops, schools, home and industry.

The XP-752 has an output of 50 VDC @ 3A. Its features include fine and coarse controls for voltage and current, and contains two 3 digit LCD Volt/ Current meters.

The supply incorporates an externally controlled current cutoff circuit with an LED indicating current overload. Protected against short circuits and overloads.

* New models have switchable input 120 or 240 VAC !

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